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The Aveline Razor has a unique ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and shave. The gliding roller-balls make shaving easy around the knees/ankles and the finger ring, which doubles as the built-in stand, makes it easy to hold, especially for women with arthritis or mobility issues. The push button blade release makes blade changing simple and fast. Aveline uses a dual system six-blade cartridge that pivots in five directions; resulting in a smooth one pass shave every time.

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Toodo is an oral hygiene device designed for the 18 to 40 age group to deliver a different oral cleaning experience by comprehensive use of the device. Through the combination of technology and material to illustrate full oral hygiene is not only cleaning teeth. Toodo provides a well-rounded solution for teeth whitening, gum and enamel care and breath refreshing. Beyond the teeth, the mindset of taking good care of the oral cavity is rapidly growing. As a result, oral hygiene is evolving to be a sensual expression of fashion and life attitude.

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Nano Airy

The Nano airy straightening iron combines nano-ceramic coating materials with innovative negative iron technology, which brings the hair gently and sleekly into straight shape quickly. Thanks to the magnet sensor at the top of cap and body, the device switches off automatically when the cap is closed, which is safe to carry around. The compact body with the USB rechargeable wireless design is easy to store in handbag and carry, helping females to keep an elegant hairstyle anytime, anywhere. The white-and-pink color scheme lend the device a feminine character.

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He designed the soap into cuttable pieces. When they use soap, they subconsciously like to cut off the "chocolate" and then they cut it into small pieces. At this time, the quantitative soap can not only control the required amount to achieve sanitary effects, but also allow him to enjoy the beauty of "chocolate".

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Dr.Bei F3

F3, as a portable water flosser, is just the size of the iPhone when packed and convenient for storage. Due to the airtightness requirements in the industry, the relief port must be open when drawing the water tank, while F3's unique wedge-shaped design can naturally deflate and reduce negative pressure without opening the relief port, and will automatically clip-on after stretching in place and form a good seal. The overall design is simple. The dust-proof cover at the water inlet is brief and delicate, while the wavy glass shell with skid-resistant function gives users a new experience.

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Dr.Bei S7

Inspired by octopus's tentacles, the product can be flexibly controlled to penetrate into various tooth corners, S7 has pioneered a 4D elastic brush head, which can bend elastically to deeply clean teeth while protecting consumers' sensitive gums. Applying the step-less acceleration principle of racing cars to the electric toothbrush, users can adjust the power of toothbrush step-lessly to meet various oral cleaning requirements. The simple and pure geometry matched with the glass panel integrates the interactive interface as one, realizing the perfect unity of function and form.

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