Black Tenement-Residence by Eureka Limited

Eureka Limited Discloses The Black Tenement Residence

Eureka Limited, the architect of the award winning work Residence by Eureka Limited explicates, "Black Tenement" is a renovation project in Central, Hong Kong. The project renovates an 5-storey tenement house building from 1950s to provide <Cropped>

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Assorting Derivation by Tzu-Cheng Cho

Tzu-Cheng Cho Discloses The Assorting Derivation Sample House

Tzu-Cheng Cho, the architect of the awarded work Sample house:Assorting Derivation by Tzu-Cheng Cho illustrates, The designer's solution for the space is fully expressed through the scale, the brightness, the visibility, the sunshine and the sha <Cropped>

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Hide Square Light:whirl-Hide Square Light by Fan Fengyuan

Fan Fengyuan Portrays The Whirl-Hide Square Light Hide Square Light

Fan Fengyuan, the creator of the awarded work Award Winning Whirl-Hide Square Light Hide Square Light spells out, Whirl is a square lamp which can hides itself on the ground to facilitate the use of public places during the day. As the night approach <Cropped>

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Message Service by Uxent Inc

Uxent Inc. Creates The Moovin Card Message Service

Uxent Inc., the lead designer of the displayed work Award Winning Moovin Card Message Service says, Moovin Card is an innovative QR code-based messaging tool that is a combination of a greeting card and a video message. Moovin allows consumers to cre <Cropped>

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2020 Annual International Art Exhibition Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion

Submit Your Artwork On The Interpretation of Embracing Our Differences' Theme “enriching Lives Through Diversity.” Artists Possess a Powerful Tool to Evoke Social Change. Without Uttering a Single Word, They Can Enlighten, Educate and Effect C

Submit your artwork on the interpretation of embracing our differences' theme “enriching lives through diversity.” Artists possess a powerful tool to evoke social change. without uttering a single word, they can enlighten, educate and eff <Cropped>

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Chia Hung Yu's Great Mind Cooking Kitchen At Home

Chia Hung Yu Presents The Great Mind Cooking Kitchen At Home

Chia Hung Yu, the creator of the award winning work Cooking kitchen at home :Great Mind by Chia Hung Yu explains, The transparency of the ceiling brings in the natural light freely. Because the natural light can enter the space easily, the client doe <Cropped>

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Award Winning During The Strolling Interior Design

Xyi Design Presents The During The Strolling Interior Design

XYI Design, the author of the awarded work Interior design by XYI Design illustrates, The design team has fused the natural vista captured by the line of sight with a 120 m2 residence, and used natural materials such as wood, stone, and fabric to cre <Cropped>

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Award Winning Don Chiku Tequila Packaging Design

Shumilovedesign Creates The Don Chiku Tequila Packaging Design

ShumiLoveDesign, the creator of the awarded work Tequila Packaging Design by ShumiLoveDesign spells out, In this project the design agency had to consider the special attitude towards tequila, especially among the people making up the target audien <Cropped>

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Residential House by Eames Yeh Interior Design

Eames Yeh Interior Design Portrays The Soaking in Verdure Residential House

Eames Yeh Interior Design, the creative mind behind the awarded design Residential House:Soaking in Verdure by Eames Yeh Interior Design says, Located in Zhubei City, the notable Italian chain restaurant is enclosed by the exotic atmosphere, sunlight <Cropped>

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Feria Malaga-City Fair Promotional Poster by Esteban Zamora Voorn

Esteban Zamora Voorn Demonstrates The Feria Malaga City Fair Promotional Poster

Esteban Zamora Voorn, the project leader of the highlighted design Feria Malaga by Esteban Zamora Voorn points out, This project has sought to synthesize the history and the most representative places of the city of Malaga through illustrations that <Cropped>

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