Serel Luvi Urinal Set by Serel Design Team

Serel Design Team Demonstrates The Serel Luvi Urinal Set Self-Cleaning

Serel Design Team, the designer of the awarded project Serel Luvi Urinal Set - Self-Cleaning by Serel Design Team says, Primary purpose of Serel Luvi Urinal is to deliver maximum hygiene. SEREL designed a product compliant with this purpose both in t <Cropped>

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Yoga 3 Pro-Laptop by Lenovo

Lenovo Designs The Yoga 3 Pro Laptop

Lenovo, the author of the highlighted project Award Winning Yoga 3 Pro laptop explicates, The Lenovo Yoga3 pro is a convertible Laptop. It is exceptionally thin and light, yet brilliantly intelligent, with a revolutionary new hinge design and intuiti <Cropped>

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Provisional Bar:yoshi Bar 2nd by Naoya Matsumoto

Naoya Matsumoto Exhibits The Yoshi Bar 2nd Provisional Bar

Naoya Matsumoto, the designer of the award winning work Award Winning yoshi bar 2nd provisional bar spells out, systematically pieced together using six panels of reeds, the ‘yoshi bar’ by japanese designer naoya matsumoto resembles a traditional <Cropped>

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Award Winning Drum Architectural Lighting

Rubén Saldaña-Arkoslight Illustrates The Drum Architectural Lighting

Rubén Saldaña - Arkoslight, the project leader of the awarded design Rubén Saldaña - Arkoslight's Drum Architectural Lighting demonstrates, Large dimension recessed light, surface or suspended, offering major luminous flux and apt to be unh <Cropped>

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Decoration by Marcelo inácio and Filipe Costa

Marcelo inácio and Filipe Costa Illustrates The Kivo Tabletop Decoration

Marcelo Inácio and Filipe Costa, the project leader of the displayed work Kivo Tabletop by Marcelo Inácio and Filipe Costa spells out, With a delicate and detailed cutting, Kivo Tabletop fits perfectly in any sophisticated environment. Its name r <Cropped>

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Mylos Etik-Cover Frame by Abb Italian Wiring Accessories Team

Abb Italian Wiring Accessories Team Illustrates The Mylos Etik Cover Frame

ABB Italian Wiring Accessories Team, the lead designer of the awarded design Award Winning Mylos Etik Cover frame says, ABB renews its commitment to sustainable design and technology introducing a new cutting edge material in the Italian switch assor <Cropped>

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Ametis-Shower System by Graff

Graff Spotlights The Ametis Shower System

Graff, the architect of the displayed design Ametis - Shower System by Graff illustrates, As is the hallmark of organic design, Ametis is a seemingly simple object. The continuous line of the shower column never seems to stop; an LED lighting system <Cropped>

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Award Winning Urban Roots-Limit of Time Timepieces

Nikita Smirnov Discloses The Urban Roots-Limit of Time Timepieces

Nikita Smirnov, the project leader of the displayed project Award Winning Urban Roots - Limit of Time Timepieces points out, The central part of the watch - clock face and case – was made of bronze work pieces by means of turning and milling machi <Cropped>

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Idx Design Team's Smart Buckle Watch Buckle With Smart Function

Idx Design Team Exhibits The Smart Buckle Watch Buckle With Smart Function

IDX DESIGN TEAM, the maker of the awarded project Watch buckle with smart function by IDX DESIGN TEAM spells out, This Smart Buckle is specially designed for the users who want to wear their traditional watch, but also want to have some smart functio <Cropped>

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Garzisi-Multifunctional Packaging by Pradnyaa Phadke

Pradnyaa Phadke Shows The Garzisi Multifunctional Packaging

Pradnyaa Phadke, the creative mind behind the displayed project Multifunctional Packaging:Garzisi by Pradnyaa Phadke explains, Rather than just a packaging, Brandlore designed a functional product, a small object to preserve and reuse. Made in glass, <Cropped>

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