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Ziggy Cup, the world’s first reusable menstrual cup that can be worn during partnered sex. Its revolutionary flat-fit design combines comfort, security and body-safe materials for complete peace of mind - and mess-free period sex. Ziggy uses a hexagonal texture and leak-proof double rim for 12 hours of non-stop protection and is the only reusable cup that can be worn during sex, offering you infinite possibilities. Plus, Ziggy Cup contains no harmful chemicals or irritating fibers to respect your intimate balance.

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Doctor BEI

Doctor Bei's sonic electric toothbrush is different from the traditional electric brush which uses nylon brush wire. It is the first time that a soft haired brush has been applied to the electric brush. It also has an original patent for simultaneous high and low brushing wires. The layout of brushing wire adapts to Bass tooth-brushing method. It is more suitable for the sensitive and delicate mouth of Chinese people rather than that of Europeans.It has the features of high frequencyand low amplitude to clean teeth in an efficient manner without damaging the user's gums.

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Enkel Rygg

Nowadays people take care of their skin much more than before. There are so many devices in the market available for facial skin exfoliation, They looking for a new device load with some new features that help people to wash their body in the bath fast and easy but in this device, they add some extra components that make a bath lot more enjoyable and fun. Four different pads will let the user choose what to do during the bath time, Pumic and massage pads are available too. The user wouldn't get worried about the battery replacement, because of the wireless charging.

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Fiveism x Three

Fiveism x Three is the first makeup-focused cosmetics brand in the industry aimed at men. Yuta Takahashi has, after studying male behaviour, designed a bar-shaped product that can be used in an extension of normal daily routines such as shaving and brushing teeth. Thought has been given to ergonomics and ease of use so that even men who are not used to makeup can use it easily and stylishly. The product's characteristics include curves drawn so as to naturally fit into the hand, and a uniform size which will allow its simple design to blend into any interior.

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Nano Airy

The nano airy curling iron uses an innovative negative ion technology. Keeps smooth texture, softy shiny curl for a long time.The curling pipe has undergone a nano-ceramic coating, feels very smooth. It curls the hair tenderly and quickly with the warm air of the negative ions. Compared with curling irons without air, you can finish in a softer hair quality.The basic color of the product is soft, warm and pure matte white, and the accent color is pink gold.

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The Aveline Razor has a unique ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and shave. The gliding roller-balls make shaving easy around the knees/ankles and the finger ring, which doubles as the built-in stand, makes it easy to hold, especially for women with arthritis or mobility issues. The push button blade release makes blade changing simple and fast. Aveline uses a dual system six-blade cartridge that pivots in five directions; resulting in a smooth one pass shave every time.

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