The Kite by Shu-Hui Hsu

Shu-Hui Hsu Reveals The The Kite Office

Shu-Hui Hsu, the lead designer of the displayed design Office by Shu-Hui Hsu says, As the sun shines on the exterior of the building and reflects on the sparkling water, swirling into the entrance, like a touch of style to bring new hope for the futu <Cropped>

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Boun-Urbanscape Symbiosis

As Our Future Megacities Are Defining Themselves Every Day With Bustling Streets and Soaring Skyscrapers, a City Still Craves For Many Things But Mostly-an Identity. The 21st Century From Its Onset Is Rapidly Changing How We Live and How We Perceive The

As our future megacities are defining themselves every day with bustling streets and soaring skyscrapers, a city still craves for many things but mostly - an identity. the 21st century from its onset is rapidly changing how we live and how we perceiv <Cropped>

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Award Winning Breach Office

Wenlong Xie Designs The Breach Office

Wenlong Xie, the lead designer of the awarded project Award Winning Breach Office explicates, This work is intended to create a shared office space for an architectural design institute with a history of over 20 years and a team of 179 architects. By <Cropped>

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Award Winning Glueckskind Charms

Britta Schwalm Reveals The Glueckskind Charms

Britta Schwalm, the thinktank behind the displayed project Charms by Britta Schwalm spells out, Glueckskind charms are a promise for love: Baby Jamie cuddles up to the inside of the charm and trusts its life to the hands of the mother. The baby is la <Cropped>

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Award Winning Valley Feast Restaurant

Chia-Yen Hung Portrays The Valley Feast Restaurant

Chia-Yen Hung, the designer of the highlighted design Valley Feast by Chia-Yen Hung says, The hilltown in the city,interlacing trunks like a solid wall outside.You can see the pool between trunks and the mountain scenery.People started to light the l <Cropped>

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Ray Cai's Tangchao Wharf Restaurant

Ray Cai Reveals The Tangchao Wharf Restaurant

Ray Cai, the thinktank behind the awarded project Restaurant:Tangchao Wharf by Ray Cai illustrates, Tangchao Wharf is a restaurant which features traditional Teochew culture. Teochew is famously known as one of the greatest cultural centers in the Li <Cropped>

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Almond-Office of Architecture by Arturo Campos

Arturo Campos Discloses The Almond Office of Architecture

Arturo Campos, the designer of the award winning design Award Winning Almond Office of Architecture explains, The building is a new design of an old house where the respect of the almond tree became an important issue of the project. The almond tre <Cropped>

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Salon De Te-Introductory For Watch Fair by Hk Trade Development Council (hktdc)

Hk Trade Development Council (hktdc) Demonstrates The Salon De Te Introductory For Watch Fair

HK Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the creator of the displayed work Introductory for Watch Fair by HK Trade Development Council (HKTDC) says, An introductory space design of 1900m2 was required, before visitors explored the 145 international watc <Cropped>

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The Rain Dress-Urban Cycling Rainwear by Brown

Brown Reveals The The Rain Dress Urban Cycling Rainwear

Brown, the designer of the displayed design Award Winning The Rain Dress Urban Cycling Rainwear illustrates, Besides keeping your clothes dry, the Rain Dress is perfect for urban fashion lovers. The Rain Dress has a unique silhouette that combines s <Cropped>

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Award Winning Cover[t] Ash Tray

Keizo Okamoto and Tsutomu Deguchi Spotlights The Cover[t] Ash Tray

Keizo Okamoto and Tsutomu Deguchi, the maker of the displayed project Keizo Okamoto and Tsutomu Deguchi's cover[t] Ash Tray points out, Design often changes the lifestyle to improve the function or the quality. Sometimes, the design could badly <Cropped>

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