Kashkovskaya Oksana's Liqueur Black Milk Packaging

Kashkovskaya Oksana Creates The Liqueur Black Milk Packaging

Kashkovskaya Oksana, the creator of the award winning design Liqueur Black Milk - Packaging by Kashkovskaya Oksana demonstrates, The packaging design has the two common but at the same time separately design sides.This is depends on what to choose th <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Juliana Pippi

Juliana Pippi Spotlights The 5xsao Paulo Interior Design

Juliana Pippi, the project leader of the awarded work Interior Design by Juliana Pippi says, The 5xSao Paulo loft project which features an urban style that incorporates industrial elements was born in an old abandoned factory. The architect interp <Cropped>

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Corporate Identity by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shares The M/I/M/Design District Corporate Identity

The creative mind behind the highlighted project Acclaimed Designer's M/I/M/ Design District Corporate Identity explicates, M/I/M/ is a design container: it is a multidisciplinary network where project and skills meet, a reservoir of ideas, sugg <Cropped>

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Iv International Contest of Theatrical Poster

Contest Has 2 Stages: 1. Internet-Anyone Can Put Poster to Site. 2. Final Stage. Artists' Jury Select 70 Posters and Make a Final Exibition. Two Team of Jury: Artists' Jury and Theatre Critics Jury. Artists' Jury Select 3 Winners and Theat

Contest has 2 stages: 1. internet -anyone can put poster to site. 2. final stage. artists' jury select 70 posters and make a final exibition. two team of jury: artists' jury and theatre critics jury. artists' jury select 3 winners and <Cropped>

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Fruit and Vegetable Scanner:ellips-Msi4 by Gbo Innovation Makers

Gbo Innovation Makers Shows The Ellips-Msi4 Fruit and Vegetable Scanner

GBO Innovation Makers, the designer of the award winning project Ellips - MSI4 by GBO Innovation Makers says, The Ellips MSI4 can grade the quality of fruit based on scanning technology. This hi-tech application needed a design that fitted but remain <Cropped>

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Laihui by Zhenan Hou

Zhenan Hou Creates The Laihui Coffee Roastery

Zhenan Hou, the architect of the displayed work Award Winning Laihui Coffee Roastery points out, There’s a growing number of coffee consumption happening in China, with the idea of Bringing Specialty Coffee to Ordinary Life, the first café of Laih <Cropped>

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Auxilry No-Sew Interchangeable Buttons-Interchangeable Button System by Anibal Marin

Anibal Marin Spotlights The Auxilry No-Sew Interchangeable Buttons Interchangeable Button System

Anibal Marin, the thinktank behind the displayed work Auxilry No-Sew Interchangeable Buttons by Anibal Marin illustrates, Auxilry are award-winning patented interchangeable clothing buttons that allow people to personally customize their garments and <Cropped>

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Sales Club of Xining Salzburg by Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang

Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang Portrays The Sales Club of Xining Salzburg Interior Design

Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang, the maker of the highlighted work Sales Club of Xining Salzburg by Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang spells out, Through the metaphor of featured language forming a multiple space by deformation, transplantation and collage of histor <Cropped>

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Deltat Design Team's Nbs-Mk1 Wristwatch

Deltat Design Team Exhibits The Nbs-Mk1 Wristwatch

DELTAt Design Team, the creator of the awarded design Wristwatch:NBS-MK1 by DELTAt Design Team explicates, NBS designed with practicality and an industrialized look that heavy duty watch wearers will be delighted by. The NBS has incorporated various <Cropped>

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Mini Planter Set by Yu Hiraoka

Yu Hiraoka Illustrates The Planet Without The "e" Mini Planter Set

Yu Hiraoka , the project leader of the awarded work Yu Hiraoka 's Planet without the "E" Mini Planter Set illustrates, This is a mini planter which can be displayed anywhere in the house. Separate parts of this planter allow you to pla <Cropped>

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