Concept Warning System by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shares The Saving Millions of Lives On The Road! Concept Warning System

The creator of the displayed project Concept Warning System by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, Why do traffic lights have an orange but automobile brake lights do not? Cars today come only with red brake lights at the rear. This "outdated" <Cropped>

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Stand by Franco Pupillo

Franco Pupillo Creates The Martini Pio Lineapelle Milano Stand

Franco Pupillo, the lead designer of the highlighted project Martini Pio Lineapelle Milano by Franco Pupillo says, The Martini Pio stand communicates the desire to do something new, a concept of minimalist architecture. The main feature is that it ap <Cropped>

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Swiss Original Handmade Creative Project

The Competition Entails The Production of a Work of Art/Expression That Represents and Gives Shape to The Interpretative Territory Defined: Swiss Original – Handmade Creative Original Handmade Creative Project For Centuries, The Swiss Tra

The competition entails the production of a work of art/expression that represents and gives shape to the interpretative territory defined: swiss original – handmade creative project.Swiss original handmade creative project for centuries, the swis <Cropped>

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Web Application by Lollypop Design Studio

Lollypop Design Studio Presents The Ux Ui & Fed-Batchly Web Application

Lollypop Design Studio, the creator of the award winning work Web Application by Lollypop Design Studio illustrates, Batchly SaaS based platform enables Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers in reducing their costs. The web app design in the product is <Cropped>

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Residential Design by Cheuk Him Ng and Po Tang

Cheuk Him Ng and Po Tang Exhibits The Invisible Logic Residential Design

Cheuk Him Ng and Po Tang, the creative mind behind the award winning design Invisible Logic by Cheuk Him Ng and Po Tang explicates, It is a limited accommodation space fulfills unlimited satisfactions in Hong Kong. The ambiguity space includes a livi <Cropped>

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The Travel Bra by Annie Holden and Brenda Barnett

Annie Holden and Brenda Barnett Spotlights The The Travel Bra Anti-Theft and Comfort

Annie Holden and Brenda Barnett, the designer of the awarded project The Travel Bra - Anti-theft and comfort by Annie Holden and Brenda Barnett points out, The Travel Bra has a patented drop-down mesh pocket that stores cash and even stretches to tak <Cropped>

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Wenqiang Han's Lily Nails Salon Salon

Wenqiang Han Demonstrates The Lily Nails Salon Salon

Wenqiang Han, the lead designer of the displayed project Wenqiang Han's Lily Nails Salon Salon says, The design gets rid of the symbolic method of over deco which was typically used while designing this type of store. The starting point of this <Cropped>

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Wave-Led Lighting System by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Spotlights The Wave Led Lighting System

Hakan Gürsu, the architect of the displayed project LED Lighting System by Hakan Gürsu illustrates, Created for outdoor lighting, Wave LED Lighting System incorporates Milestone modules within. The modular design allows flexible lighting design tha <Cropped>

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Sake-Japanese Rice Wine by Ryuta Ishikawa

Ryuta Ishikawa Designs The Kirinzan Momiji Kin Sake-Japanese Rice Wine

Ryuta Ishikawa, the project leader of the displayed design Sake - Japanese Rice Wine:Kirinzan Momiji Kin by Ryuta Ishikawa demonstrates, Pronoun 'Momiji' telling autumn in Japan There were such products in Kirinzan Shuzo. The bottle design <Cropped>

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Play With Your City 2019: Reimagining Lady Street Call For Entries

Help Us Reimagine The Experience On An Underutilized, Three-block Pedestrian Corridor Crossing Through Several Urban Precincts in Downtown Columbia, South Carolina, and You Could Win The $5, 000 Prize. Accepting The Challenge Entrants Are Challenged To

Help us reimagine the experience on an underutilized, three-block pedestrian corridor crossing through several urban precincts in downtown columbia, south carolina, and you could win the $5,000 prize. Accepting the challenge entrants are challenge <Cropped>

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