Sales Center by Waterfrom and Lsdcasa

Waterfrom and Lsdcasa Portrays The Cr City Crossing Sales Center

WATERFROM and LSDCASA, the architect of the displayed work Sales Center by WATERFROM and LSDCASA explicates, LSD trying to make the installations in the space a “bridge” that uses the relationship between natural light and materials to connect <Cropped>

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Coffee Table by Studio Hemal Patel

Studio Hemal Patel Reveals The Terrace Coffee Table Coffee Table

Studio Hemal Patel, the thinktank behind the award winning work Terrace Coffee Table by Studio Hemal Patel points out, Terrace is a contemporary wooden coffee table inspired by terrace farming practices employed in mountainous regions of the world. D <Cropped>

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Quick by F.guarrasi, M.antonetti, G.silvestrini

F.guarrasi, M.antonetti, G.silvestrini Discloses The Quick Cordless Iron

F.Guarrasi, M.Antonetti, G.Silvestrini, the author of the highlighted project Quick by F.Guarrasi, M.Antonetti, G.Silvestrini demonstrates, Quick is a cordless iron which can be quickly set up to be used, designed for those who iron very often but fo <Cropped>

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Phone Box-Public Phone by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Spotlights The Phone Box Public Phone

Hakan Gürsu, the creator of the award winning project Public Phone by Hakan Gürsu demonstrates, Designed to have a transparent enclosure, PhoneBox is a modern phone-booth almost blending in with the city thanks to its elegant look. Unlikely to ge <Cropped>

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2020 Typography Competition

Our Juried Competition Celebrates The Best Use of Typography as The Primary Visual Element in Design and Advertising, Plus New Typeface Designs, Calligraphy and Hand Lettering. 2020 Typography Competition Deadline: September 06, 2019 Our Juried Compet

Our juried competition celebrates the best use of typography as the primary visual element in design and advertising, plus new typeface designs, calligraphy and hand lettering. 2020 typography competition deadline: september 06, 2019 our juried c <Cropped>

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Niop Hacienda-Hotel by as Arquitectura & R79

As Arquitectura & R79 Reveals The Niop Hacienda Hotel

AS Arquitectura & R79, the architect of the displayed project Award Winning Niop Hacienda Hotel says, The project consist of a series of subtle interventions ranged from the generality of reordering the zoning of their uses, to the particularity <Cropped>

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Sputnik Table-Table by Viktor Kovtun

Viktor Kovtun Shares The Sputnik Table Table

Viktor Kovtun, the maker of the highlighted work Viktor Kovtun's Sputnik table table says, This is made for four person. Legs made of steel tubes and comfortable for people who use this table. Very important part of design is ease of assembl <Cropped>

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Residential Apartment by Regina Kwok

Regina Kwok Reveals The Traveling At Home Residential Apartment

Regina Kwok , the architect of the award winning project Residential Apartment by Regina Kwok says, The owner is a keen traveler who wishes to be abroad even when at home. So the designer takes inspiration from Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris, his <Cropped>

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Matthieu Bouvier's Forgotten Paris Photographic Inventory

Matthieu Bouvier Presents The Forgotten Paris Photographic Inventory

Matthieu Bouvier, the lead designer of the highlighted project Forgotten Paris by Matthieu Bouvier spells out, Forgotten Paris are black and white photographs of the old undergrounds of the French capital. This design is a repertoire of places that f <Cropped>

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Near East Redesign-Food Packaging by Pepsico Design & Innovation

Pepsico Design & Innovation Illustrates The Near East Redesign Food Packaging

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, the project leader of the award winning work Award Winning Near East Redesign Food Packaging explains, The new Near East is founded in a singular brand design idea, executed across identity and packaging. This establi <Cropped>

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